Take a look at your street.  What would you do?

Creativity can completely transform Your Street

The Your Street Challenge is about seeing the possibilities and potential of urban spaces. It’s about being in touch with the needs of your community and thinking creatively to make Your Street smarter, safer, healthier and sustainable for everyone who uses it. Take a look at Your Street, what would YOU do?

Your idea could be a mural that inspires hope or a park that brings a community together. It could be an innovative way to fill potholes or a slick solution to securing bicycles. It could be a public vegetable garden, a crime prevention initiative or a system that encourages recycling. 

Creativity can positively affect the way countless people experience working, living or playing on Your Street. We're looking for ideas that will inspire, excite and uplift communities. The Your Street challenge is open to anyone, anywhere. Take another look at your street. what would YOU do? 

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